A little about stratos teahais lover

Full name given is Muhammad Danial Shafiq bin Zainuddin. Why stratos ? Because when talking about stratos,I’m referring to the stratosphere. Don’t know what is that ? Google lah der,dont’t be  lazy.I’m  in my last teen and I’m virgo huhu. I’m KEDAHAN and I’m  PROUD OF IT ! Cheq orang Aloq Staq naa,saja nak bagitau kot2 kita sekampung huhu. Cheq asai ja Kedah Darul Aman tapi lani duk kiyel lama dah,tuh area Sg Besi sana,tapi bukan dekat kem nah jauh sikit dri kem tu hehe And last but not least lah what is so special about ‘tehais’ ? Actually when you’re a Malaysian you should know that “TEA” is mot just tea in Malaysia. It bring people closer to each other.




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